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Connecting Dealers and Lenders nationwide to sell, sign & scale.

Thread is all about helping dealers find the right lenders, no matter where they are.  The platform suggests lenders for a given deal, allows lenders to use pre-made responses and make quick and easy negotiations when needed.

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The Thread System

Offering efficiency at every step of the way



Thread helps Dealers to simplify the application process by speeding up and simplifying your existing flow. Terms sharing and application all happen within one portal. 

• Reduce errors by capturing ID information for the application with a photo

• Increase reach for Lenders to  Dealers and Dealers to Lenders



Submit your application to the system to find the best Lenders for the deal based on the criteria that you set.  

• Find the best Lenders for the deal

• Gain access to new Lenders

• Balance Dealer, Lender, and Customer needs



Get rid of the waiting period. Accept, decline, or negotiate offers without losing the sale, and have your say in the process. 

• Reduce declined submissions

• Speed up response and assessment

• Every Lender sets their own rules 

• Dealers get the final say



Give your customers a seamless experience with quick and transparent negotiation cycles, through to approvals. 

• Shorten negotiation times

• Reduce Negotiation Cycles

• Avoid the need for local
  agents/prior connections


Why Choose


A system and a service that scales with you

Thread is built on the premise that everyone needs a platform — no matter their size.  It allows lenders and dealers to find as much or as little business as they desire, and only charges for services that are used.

1. Streamlined Credit Applications

Thread scans licenses and uses a single simple application form for all lenders to make the process painless for everyone.

2. Predictive Lending

Thread provides dealers with lenders who are likely to accept a deal based on several criteria, and lenders can identify which criteria they would decline completely or accept conditionally.

3. Rapid Negotiation

Thread is built to ensure potential sales close before customers walk out the door. Negotiation of common deal conditions can be done in minutes using a live deal form, limiting wait times.

Thread makes the lending ecosystem easier for Dealers, Lenders, and consumers at every step of the process. Get started on the platform today to optimize and expand your sales and channels.   

Connecting dealers and lenders nationwide to scale, sign and sell.

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