The Best Dealertrack Alternative for Dealers and Lenders

Dealertrack is a large, slow moving service that spreads their focus over a lot of different business products. Dealertrack charges exorbitant fees that are only affordable for Ultra-High volume lenders.


Thread is a new, fast, and easy lending platform build for lenders and dealers of all sizes. We're focused on connecting dealers to lenders creating better experiences for your customers. 

Why I built Thread - The best alternative to Dealertrack for small lenders

See why we're better for: 


Dealertrack uses manual data entry slowing the input and approval process and a decline from your selected lenders means you start over.  

You never know if you've made the right decision for your customer to get the best deal and secure the sale. 

The Thread Advantage

Thread uses the latest technology to auto-populate an application with little to no manual input.  Our system suggests lenders that fit your customer needs and have the bandwidth for the deal.  Compare details to ensure you meet the needs of your customer and ensure the deal closes...  Fast.  

Why Smart Dealers Use Thread

Dealertrack Alternatives

Get the right Lender that fits your client and close the deal faster with Thread.  


Dealertrack charges significant monthly fees regardless of how many deals you fund and does not promote your business to dealerships.  For Dealertrack, you're just one of many on a long list of vendors. 

The Thread Advantage


With Thread, We scale with you. If you don't fund any deals, you pay nothing. We focus on connecting lenders to dealerships that meet both parties needs and suggest new lenders that are looking to expand. 

Why Smart Lenders Use Thread

Dealertrack Financing Options

Grow into new territory and credit markets with Thread.